Delegant Limited is a full service event management agency formed by professionals within the event management industry. Delegant was created to deliver streamlined, efficient and cost effective event management solutions to our customers. We do this by providing outstanding customer service and efficient delegate management delivered by combining our experienced staff with our own high quality technology.


The Delegant Team are very experienced in handling delegates from different countries and different cultures. We work extensively with customers and delegates from regions such as Africa, Middle East and Far East Asia and we have a very high level of repeat business from these organisations. We also work with organisations who run events of a sensitive nature, this includes having to adhere to guidelines and local regulations concerning what you can and cannot provide for delegates through to events where patients and their consultants are both in attendance. Such sensitivities require an understanding and experience that Delegant has a proven track record that is second to none.

On the other side of this, we also work with organisations who want their delegates to ‘let their hair down’ at the gala dinner or after a full day of meetings. The Delegant Team do have a fun side and we regularly arrange exciting evening entertainment and gala dinners for our clients. Our Team will even get into character to ensure that the evening is memorable.

The Delegant Team

Angie is our Managing Director and takes overall charge of
Delegant. Her day to day role involves managing the Venue Team as well as being responsible for new business opportunities. Angie has nearly 20 years experience in event management and has previously worked for organisations in healthcare, finance, non-commercial and membership sectors.

delegant_teamAdrian manages the Web Team. The Web Team are responsible for our bespoke online booking and registration systems used by Delegant to streamline the entire event administration for delegates, customers and our Team. Adrian also manages all our design for Delegant and our Client projects. Adrian has over 20 years experience of working with organisations ranging from multinational healthcare organisations to small and medium size start-ups.

Nicola manages the Delegate Registration and Travel Booking Team. The day to day role of the Team is to work with delegates to arrange travel, accommodation, transfers and registration for events as well as dealing with payments and invoicing for events requiring delegates to pay-to-book. Nicola has 20 years industry experience having worked in the healthcare, pharmaceuticals and consultancy sectors.

We believe our combined experience and attitude as a team make us different. Our Case Studies speak for themselves. So whether you need to find a venue for your event or are looking for online ticket registration or require travel solutions, whatever it may be we can help. Contact us to find out more.