Delegant was contracted to organise a global clinical trial investigator meeting. The sponsor selected Delegant to deliver the meeting and required us to work with a global Contract Research Organisation (CRO), a large number of Key Opinion Leaders, an investor representative, and four third party clinical trial service providers.

The Services:

Delegant was contracted to provide the following services:

Location & Venue:

  • Find a European venue that is accessible from all parts of the World (incl Australia, USA, India and right across Europe) for around 125 people. Provide location and venue options and pricing and perform venue assessment visits
  • Deliver 3 meetings – Kick Off Meeting, CRA Training, Investigator Meeting
  • Provide AV, filming and stage set
  • Provide simultaneous translation into 4 languages,
  • Coordinate catering and a formal dinner on the third night



  • Organise invitations and acceptance
  • Obtain travel requirements (i.e. dates, departure airports, timings)
  • Provide travel options
  • Confirm and book flights, transfers, accommodation
  • Visa coordination, ensure requirements and invitation letters are provided
  • Provide personalised itinerary and deal with real time flight changes, re-routes etc


Finance & Sponsor:

  • Budget management to include all travel costs
  • Ensure all flights are booked as soon as possible to ensure lowest price
  • Reimbursement of participants expenses after the event using our online system to minimise cost to customer


Speaker & VIP Coordination

  • Coordinate the speakers and VIP (KOL and Investor) arrangements
  • Work with them to get the presentation and material needed for printing
  • Identify the needs of the third party providers (i.e. AV, IT, breakout rooms for rater training)


Delegant Delivers Again

Delegant delivered the meeting way above the expectations of the Customer, the CRO and the participants. Using our efficient processes and online systems within 2 weeks of the invitations being sent the majority of participants confirmed, had travel options provided, selected and booked, and had accommodation and transfers booked. The participant confirmation, travel, accommodation and itineraries were all completed within a very short time frame which allowed us to provide the following benefits for the customer:

  • Budget: Flights booked early to get the best possible prices and careful management of travel options
  • Attendance: Early confirmation of attendance from sites to ensure all sites were represented
  • Visas: Early identification of visa application durations to ensure each participant had the required details for their application to be processed and approved prior to the meeting


The meeting was a huge success. 130 people were invited to attend, 124 accepted, 121 were confirmed and all 121 confirmed people attended the meeting. As the Chief Medical Officer of the Sponsor Company said “I have never known everybody to turn up for a meeting like this”

Customer and Participant Feedback

This is the best organised investigator meeting I’ve ever been involved with
Senior Operations Director, CRO

Thank you, Thank you. Absolutely faultless. It has given us all time to spend time with the participants rather than worry about the logistics
Chief Medical Officer, Sponsor

Thank you for all the arrangements, everything went to plan and it is the best organising I’ve seen
Investigator, Participant

Delegant Comment:

We knew the sponsor had a limited budget for the meeting and so we knew we needed to be creative. Time was the key factor as we did not have many weeks from getting the go ahead to the meeting date. The Delegant Team, as usual, pulled out all the stops and we were ahead of the Sponsor which is how it should be, we were ready and waiting for their decisions and confirmations. We had a few challenges with the short timelines mainly due to visas and flight availability but we overcame these. It was such a pleasure to deliver the event for the Sponsor and to bring it in under their budget was the icing on the cake. The Delegant Team is fantastic as we cover all the bases, our IT Team build and manage our unique online system and process that simplifies the entire process for customer and participants and gives them all real time access to how things are progressing. Our Finance Team keep close watch on the money and carefully manage the budget, Our Travel and Participant Team ensure rapid responses to bookings, queries, travel options and this is the most important part for our Customers. We wish the Sponsor, the sites and more especially the patients in the clinical trial the very best for the coming months
Angie Major, Managing Director of Delegant

Picture: The tyre marks in the snow as we waved goodbye to the last transfer of the day back to the airport

Picture: The participants with early morning flights enjoy the last night (and they are still in deep conversation)

Please contact us here if you would like further information about our experience delivering Investigator Meetings or email Angie Major to discuss your requirements